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CLIL - Technology - UK

Social media
Geralt. Social media (Public Domain)

Welcome to the fifth and last stop of this project dealing with the UK culture. In this module, we will learn about 

technology in a wide sense, linking it to the fields of entertainment related to it and some of the most distinctive 

examples in the UK.


Mass media (those outlets that reach large numbers of people) and ICTs

(Information and Communication Technologies, such as the internet) will be central to this module, with a special

mention to the social media or apps, so ingrained in our daily lives.

We will approach the different types of newpaper formats, and the different ways you can access them.


Most likely your knowledge about British entertainment is not so wide but when you get to the end of this  section you

will be surprised to be able to find lots of resources that will help you to improve your English, whether oral or written.


We are getting started so take a sit, relax and enjoy yourself! 👓

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