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CLIL - Maths - UK

Stux. Pounds (Public Domain)

Welcome to the third stop of a project dealing with the UK culture. In this module, we will learn about those things 

that are somehow related to figure and numbers: the currency in the UK, the time zone, the phone numbers or car

plates as you might find them in the United Kingdom.


There's a lot of information in here within so we will go step by step in order to achieve a clear but simple overview of

them all.


Before you begin, think about this: Do you know what the currency of the UK is? Is it the same time in Spain and in the

United Kingdom? How could you recognise a phone call from a British number? And a British car?


 You will discover these and many other interesting things deeply related to daily life in this module

so stay tuned and continue expanding your knowledge! 

Let's see your point of departure!

Think about the following sentences are decide if, in your opinion, they are true or false.

Question 1

1. The currency of the UK is the dollar.

Question 2

2. The UK and Spain have the same time because both countries are in Europe.

Question 3

3. If want to phone to the UK you need an international prefix before the phone number.

Question 4

4. You cannot guess if a car is British by looking at its plate number.

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