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CLIL - History - UK


Royal Family index
Town&Country Magazine. Royal Family index (CC BY)

Welcome to the second stop of a project dealing with the UK culture. In this module, we will learn a lot of things about

the  Queen and the British Royal Family, so that you can recognise them on the TV news. 


Maybe you don't know it  yet but the Spanish television gives news about them quite often!


We will also realise that some celebrities we know and important personalities are of British origin.


Before you begin: Do you know the name of the Queen? Do you imagine how old she is? You will be surprised for sure!

What about the type of government? Is it the same type of government that we have in Spain?


 You will discover these and many other interesting things along this module, where you will learn several aspects 

 about History and not only, so stay tuned and continue expanding your knowledge! 

What do you know about British History?

Working in pairs with a classmate, try to complete these 3 statements:

1. The United Kingdom Queen's name is _                 

2. The place where the Queen lives is _                

3. A famous British singer I know is _ (There are many possible correct answers here)                  


Move on to the next activities and discover if your answers were right or wrong.

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